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Khalida - ⁇ - 26
I collect shiny objects and make nests. Aggressive when provoked. I am made of birds.
I like Pokemon, バイオハザード, and birds.

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Pharaoh Hello Kitty

Paging feralspirited because holy gods this is incredible.


-On Your Way Down plays in the distance-

I’ve watched this video more times than I’d like to admit.

This is the first time I’ve ever drawn Mark or Danny so please be nice. uwu





"You’re beautiful to me, man.


This will forever be adorable

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Someone broke Arin, please send help. [ x ]


true friendship [x]

My $13 Japanese Playstation arrived in the mail today. I gutted the PMU board out of my PAL 240V unit and replaced the 100V unit, and voila, no need for a power conversion unit. Later models all have 5 pin cables for power so I knew I was fine with a direct swap, vs if I was doing a much older unit which had 7 on the board. 

I might get a broken/parts only PAL 240V unit to salvage the PMU from it so my PAL unit is operational again, but I have a PAL brick-PS2 so 99% of my PAL games I have will play through that. 

But this is super awesome because not only do I have a proper 60hz NTSC-J unit, which means correct video output and speed on all my Biohazard games (yess), but I don’t have to deal with a swap disk anymore. 


that cat piano GO HARD

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Fletchling. Fletchinder. Talonflame.